Cain and McBain: Sometimes, It’s Frightening How Close to Reality Satire Comes

Cain and McBain

I was going to be all creative and make this very picture, but then I saw that someone else had already done it.

So crazy! Their names even rhyme!

Yes, I know that this is a bit of an unfair out-of-context quote. I also acknowledge the fact that virtually no one in Washington reads anything. This became most evident when President Obama and Nancy Pelosi urged Congress to vote on a bill before a speedreader could have even gotten through it. However, Herman Cain still should have known better than to actually say it so plainly.

If it comes down to Obama vs. Cain, we will be choosing between someone who thinks the Laffer Curve is something you see on a ticklish fat guy and someone who thinks that there are about a billion terrorists in the world. Heaven help us.

Oh, wait. I mean…um… Herman Cain is black! Blacker than Obama! So if you don’t vote for him – or if you criticize him in any way – you are a racist! Even MORE racist than the Obama critics!

Cain/Bachmann 2012