About Those Stupid White People…

I would begin my response to this tumblr post about the “stupid white people” of the Occupy Wall Street movement with the words “stupid black person,” but that would make me racist, and everyone knows that a white man’s opinion is especially unimportant when he is a racist. So let’s just move beyond that to my other thoughts.

  1. Use apostrophes. People who don’t use apostrophes are kind of like racists: their opinions don’t matter.
  2. It’s interesting that you list Asians among the downtrodden people in this capitalist, consumerist, reality-television-watching society of ours, since they actually make MORE MONEY THAN WHITE PEOPLE DO (on average). Of course, it’s not fair to compare, because unlike the downtrodden minorities of Los Angeles and Chicago, many of these folks were born into first-rate economic circumstances in places such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, and Cambodia.
  3. I’m sorry you couldn’t afford to go to college or didn’t think to amass the huge student loan debts that the stupid white people you are complaining about have. Get a job at Whataburger, do your job well, and in ten years or so, you will be able to be a manager and make $50,000+. Yes, I know it’s a hard road to walk, and I know lots of privileged white people have it a lot easier. So if you’re not willing, I’m sure many millions of black people in Africa – and white people in Eastern Europe – would be happy to trade with you. Median annual income worldwide: $1,700. Welcome to the 1%.