Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, and Racism

When the Tea Party movement was in full swing, my general feeling was that these were people with a lot of very valid concerns and a few ridiculous demands. I pretty much feel the same way about the Occupy Wall Street movement. One large difference is that it has proven more difficult to gather any succinct, intelligible demands from Occupy protestors. However, these people are all similar in that they are protesting two sides of the same coin: corruption in the centralized powers of Washington and corruption in the centralized powers of Wall Street.

However, something interesting that I have observed is the completely different way in which big media portrays the Occupy Wall Street protestors versus the Tea Party protestors. The main issue of incongruity has been a tendency to focus specifically on racist elements of the Tea Party movement while ignoring the blatantly racist elements of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Some will say: “There is no racist trend in Occupy Wall Street! I have seen no such things on CNN.” Well, a quick YouTube search gives me a number of interesting results:

You would normally think that the words “The Zionist Jews…need to be run out of this country” – spoken by someone who is evidently educated, clearly identified, and not immediately involved in a riot – would be enough for big media to label a movement as being racist. But that will not happen when those words are coming from a black liberal woman, because everyone knows that black liberal women cannot possibly be racist. Right? Conversely, everyone knows that conservatives – especially “crazy wingnut conservatives” like the Tea Party people – are categorically racists. Even if being involved with the Tea Party does not necessarily make one racist, there is a very strong correlation. Right? I mean, everyone knows that, right? They’re a bunch of hateful white hillbillies who despise black people and beat their wives.

And yet, while the “establishment” conservatives are being represented by guys like Perry, Romney, and Huntsman, who are the Tea Party favorites vying for the opportunity to take down the black man in the Oval Office?

The very black Herman Cain and the very female Michele Bachmann, that’s who.

No, I do not think that the Occupy Wall Street movement is an intrinsically racist movement, and I’m not even going to cite a few YouTube videos as evidence of a “strong correlation” for the sake of political convenience. There are haters everywhere, and it is cheap and stupid to cite a few instances of racism within a particular movement or group for the purpose of dismissing it entirely. Just as I do not make any general assumptions of racism based on these examples, I ask liberals to get a grip and stop being hypocrites when they view these two movements. Tea Party protestors are no more racist than Occupy Wall Street protestors.

As a final note, no, I am not campaigning for Hermain Cain. There are things I still don’t like about him. For instance, his 9-9-9 plan may not be the best thing for this country, and someone as paranoid about Muslims as he is would not serve well as our frontman for foreign policy. However, in a way, I would still like to see him get elected just for the sake of watching conservatives do as Jimmy Carter and countless other liberals have done. That is, I want to see them say: “All criticism of Herman Cain is based in racism.” He is even blacker than Obama, after all.